Real Estate Law

Our firm represents individuals and corporations in the sale and purchase of real estate, leasing, financing and other matters affecting land use and development. We provide services from initial agreement of sale to discussions on the legal aspects of the real estate transfer, to preparation of deeds, to providing title insurance and to closing the real estate transaction.

Members of the firm are licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as agents for title insurance, and Kerwin and Kerwin frequently arranges for and provides title insurance to our clients. Kerwin and Kerwin has a fine working relationship with many local banks and has worked with mortgage companies throughout the country to provide our clients with fast and efficient services when financing is needed.

Wills/Trusts/Estate Planning and Administration

Our firm routinely assists families in estate administration. Since the inception of this firm in 1945, the Attorneys of Kerwin and Kerwin have routinely and frequently written wills, trusts, and have provided assistance to individuals to preserve the individual’s assets, while considering family history, inheritance tax, and estate tax ramifications. This planning and advice also often includes preparation of Powers of attorney, preparation of Living Wills, and the preparation of Revocable Living Trusts.

Business Organizations

Our firm has and continues to represent many small businesses, which are often individually or family owned. The representation of business includes, but is not limited to, the preparation of documents to form sole proprietorships, subchapter “S” corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships.


For the past 40 years, our firm, through an affiliation with an agency and through its own clients, has handled hundreds of adoption related proceedings. The adoption practice is one of the most gratifying practices of law from both the attorney’s standpoint and the Court’s standpoint. The expertise in this field of law is extensive.

Title Insurance

Our firm provides title insurance to help insulate home and property buyers from potential legal issues. By providing title insurance, we protect home and property buyers against defects or problems with title that may arise in the transfer of property.

Criminal Defense

We represent clients at summary trails, preliminary hearings, and in the Court of Common Pleas relating to criminal defense matters

State, Local and Municipal Law

For years, our firm has represented various localities, municipalities, and authorities. We have been instrumental in the drafting, adoption, and implementation of ordinances and local law that help keep our community safe, clean, and a pleasant place to live